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By Cathy Campbell
Choteau, Mont. 

Rosendale votes to save insurance companies money


September 27, 2018

Twenty-nine years ago my family was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who we named Jesse. He came to us with an extra 21 chromosome which makes him has Down Syndrome. He has brought joy and happiness to our lives. In our eyes, Jesse is perfect!

People like Matt Rosendale don't see our son in the same way. While in the Montana legislature Matt Rosendale voted against HB318 which required health insurers to cover certain therapies for children affected with this genetic disorder. Rosendale obviously believes it is more important to save insurance companies money rather than to see that Jesse and other children like him have a fulfilling, happy life.

As a mother and an advocate for my son and others with Down Syndrome, I cannot stand by and let someone like this represent our great state and our children. If you also feel our children deserve a senator that will fight for them instead of voting against them, please join me in voting for Jon Tester.


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