By Klaus von Stutterheim
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Rex Renk for Clerk of the MT Supreme Court


September 27, 2018

There are three contested statewide races on the ballot this year: US Senate, US Congress and a third one that receives little public attention, Clerk of the MT Supreme Court.

While the office is obscure to most people, it fulfills an important role. The Clerk is charged by state statute with managing files and cases, overseeing the appellate process and keeping the Court’s records. The Clerk also licenses Montana’s attorneys, issues writs and certificates and protects public access to court records.

Rex Renk has been part of this office for 23 years, serving as Deputy under Ed Smith, who is retiring this year. Unlike most elected positions this office is not about politics or setting policy but rather complete impartiality. Rex Renk has the deep experience and competence to continue to run this office with complete non-partisanship, personal experience and competence.

That is why Rex has been endorsed by the former U.S. Supreme Court Clerk, all seven retired MT Supreme Court Justices, the current Clerk and over 60 attorneys and community leaders from both political parties all over Montana.

His main opponent has already hinted that he would give the office a political slant. Plus Rex’s main opponent knows nothing about being Clerk, while Rex Rank with his decades-long experience, would hit the ground running and continue the office’s record of high competency and impartiality.


Please join me in voting for Rex Renk when your ballots arrive or when you go to the polls.


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