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SSHS Blackhawks represent with new tent


September 13, 2018

Dena Turner

The new tent has the Blackhawks' logo on the canopy, is large enough for the track and field team to fit inside and has four side walls (not seen in this photo) to block the wind and rain.

SEELEY LAKE – After the Blackhawks finished their race at the 2017 State Cross Country meet in Helena, they came back to find the wind had destroyed their tent beyond repair. Parent Dena Turner along with the athletes, Cross County and Track and Field Coach Zelda Haines, and the Seeley-Swan High School Boosters raised the funds to purchase a new tent that can be used for all SSHS athletic events.

Turner recalled what the boys found after returning to the tent after their race.

"When they came back, the tent was just in a pile. Someone had picked up the pieces and just kind of set it in a pile," said Turner. "The whole stakes were mangled. It looked like the whole thing had just rolled like a tumble weed on the field."

After asking Haines, Turner learned that this tent, a plain white tent, was the backup tent. Since it was the backup, it didn't have the Blackhawks logo on it like the other schools. The main tent was also destroyed by wind.

Turner agreed to help Haines raise the funds to purchase a new tent before it would be needed for the track season.

"My son does cross country and track. I felt we needed to represent the school better than that and have the Seeley-Swan Blackhawks logo on our tent to show everyone that we are here representing Seeley-Swan High School," said Turner. "It will also be good for the kids to have something to be under. Especially at track since it rains a lot."

The cross country and track athletes did a Papa Murphy's pizza fundraiser and raised $360. They were also given money donations from community members to help.

With the anticipated cost of $1,500 for the new tent with the Blackhawks' logo and large enough to accommodate the track and field team, Turner and some of the students approached the SSHS Booster Club for assistance. The Booster Club pledged $1,000 to help with the purchase.

"The Blackhawk Boosters were pleased to be able to donate $1000 toward the purchase of a tent for our Track & Field and cross country participants," said Booster President Carrie Sokoloski. "We are fortunate to be part of such a generous community that supports the Blackhawk Boosters and allows us to help SSHS students."

Haines contributed the rest for the purchase of the tent.

"We needed a tent that was representative of the school," said Haines. "This one surely is."

While the tent will primarily be used for cross country and track and field meets, it is available for all SSHS athletic events.

"Anytime we need it, we have a tent that represents the school with our logo," said Turner. "It is important. It definitely builds pride with the kids."


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