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Out 'N The Woods Again


August 16, 2018

Photo provided

Dale Terrillion

It was another one of those timber tramps over Idaho way for Columbia Helicopters.

Just this side of the grade that goes up to Grangeville, there's a Forest Service road to the left. Up, up through a lot of switchbacks to a big burn they were trying to salvage.

Anyway, the cutters were staying in Grangeville, a two and a half hour drive one way. Gett'n up at 3 a.m. cause you had to be on the job at 6 to get flown in.

Not me sez I, I'll camp out.

The only problem was rattlesnakes abounded. Waking up next to a slimy viper was not my idea of "good morning." Problem solved by not sleeping on th...

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