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By Ellen Chaussee
Missoula, Mont. 

Dump Commissioners


MISSOULA – Shame on Missoula County Commissioners for allowing the last open space proposal to be placed on the ballot. Where is the representation for those people living outside of the city?

Some of us have been around long enough and are smart enough to know that for years the city of Missoula has run the county. We also know that between the poor on welfare and employees on government welfare run the city. Therefore, these want-to-be representatives [want-to-be are those people who usually have never accomplished anything on their own so they run for government office] can dictate to others how they think they should live. The likes of which you can also find on the city council.

If you newbies want another example of city government control, research neighborhood counsels. They were created by the City of Missoula to replace homeowners associations so that the city could further control taxpaying home owners.

You must understand that at one time unless you were a freeholder, which is a property owner, you were not allowed to vote on this type of ballot issue. Therefore taxpayers had more control over proposed needless spending.

Beware of the want-to-bes.


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