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By Don Larson
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Council Sewer Endorsement - Reckless and Irresponsible


SEELEY LAKE - The misguided effort by Community Council member Lee Boman to secure an endorsement of the Seeley Lake Sewer proposal is reckless and irresponsible....for several are  few::

• Mr. Boman is a relative newcomer to the valley and does not even live in the Sewer he will not have to face the roughly $40,000 per household to “sewer” Seeley Lake . Further, it is apparent he does not understand the wastewater issues we face in the Seeley-Swan Watershed

• The Community new members Bruce Friede and Kris Martin. properly pointed out...does not have the facts on the issue.

• The Community Council ostensibly represents to the Missoula County Commissioners the needs, desires and wants of Seeley Lake.   Voting to endorse the project without hearing facts from the community members directly affected is irresponsible.

• The proposed Sewer project includes less than 20 percent of the creek, river and lakeshore properties in the watershed.  To assert this sewer proposal will clean up and protect Seeley Lake is absurd. The dozens of state and federal waterfront leaseholds in the watershed will NEVER be sewered.

• The Missoula County Health Department has never dye-tested waterfront properties in the watershed and does not have the backbone or the data  to require polluting waterfront property owners to clean up their individual messes.

• The Missoula County Health Department has never embraced the dozens of new technologies designed to treat wastes in-tank on the owners’ individual properties.

•Impulsive actions such as this one initiated by Mr. Boman make the Community Council unreflective of community sentiment and irrelevant.

• He should consider leaving the Board if he can only represent his personal feelings on community issues.


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