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By Zoie Koostra

What is Going on in Big Larch Campground?


July 26, 2018

Micah Drew, Pathfinder

Seeley Lake District Ranger Rachel Feigley said that the work won't likely start until towards the end of summer when the campground would normally close. Pathfinder file photo

SEELEY LAKE - Big Larch Campground remains closed. Why hasn't it reopened? Why hasn't work started? Why was it even closed in the first place?

Sheryl Gunn, a Forest Service silviculturist, worked on the removal of lodgepole pines from Big Larch in 2009 and recently completed another plan on how to handle the current situation. She and Seeley Lake District Ranger Rachel Feigley answered some of the most pressing questions about the campground and the work being done.

Why can't anybody camp in Big Larch?

The main danger in the campground is falling trees, most of which are overmature Dougla...

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Justwondering writes:

How does the condition of the trees keep the dock at the boat ramp from being put in for the season?


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