By Gary Ikerd

Questioning Lack of Action at Big Larch Campground


SEELEY LAKE - I’m writing about the Big Larch Campground. I was called out to the boat ramp two years ago and the Forest Service people asked my advice on how to fix the boat ramp at the dock. I said it would probably cost about $2,000 to fix it per my advice.

I called to see if it was fixed before the Kids’ Fishing Tournament and was told they had to study it. It went from $2,000 to $40,000 and it’s still not fixed. If you look at it today it’s tore up more than it ever was before.

I also found out they couldn’t find any loggers to do the work in the park to clean it up so people could use the campgrounds. Many people I know are willing to go in and clean up the park and relieve the campgrounds of the wood. And many people could use the wood.


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