Ducks Race Clearwater in Nearly Record Time

SEELEY LAKE - Spectators gathered at the Wagon Wheel Bridge across the Clearwater River the afternoon July Fourth to see whose rubber duck was the fastest. Due to the high water, the first ducks crossed the finish line in less than 10 minutes, half the time of the average race.

The first ten ducks won either a cash prize or a free chicken dinner from the Seeley Lake Chicken Coop. This years winners were:

1. Lynette Ogilvie “Tank”

2. Ron Holiday “Monty”

3. David Daves “Carla”

4. Deanna Fowler “Karen”

5. MaryJo Barrett “Alva”

6. Cody Swigert “Gertrude”

7. Kathleen Oleary “Jim’s Loss”

8. Barb LeF...


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