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By Patrick Constantinides
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Speak Out for Change in Immigration Policy


June 21, 2018

Children are the most precious gift; to the parents, to the future of a nation and the future of humankind. Without children there is no future. Yes, parents are responsible for their children and in bringing them up for the future of the nation and humankind. But a civilized society does not use children as a means to admonish, correct or punish the parents for acts which the parents may have knowingly or unknowingly committed.

There are supposedly cases where people are crossing the border with children who are not their own and may not even be remotely connected. There are cases where p...

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Reader Comments

MontanaMike writes:

I have to agree with Mr. Constantinides. The deplorables in charge of immigration decisions, including Trump, are trashing America's legacy. We are all immigrants here. And we used to have higher standards for protecting children rather than using them as pawns in a political game and permanently traumatizing them. I am stunned to now see the United States as a major human rights violator.


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