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By Klaus von Stutterheim
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

My Primary Choices for the Democratic Primary


For those of you who vote by mail you should have received your ballot by now. The actual primary at the polls is on June 5.

For whatever it’s worth, here is for whom I am going to vote.

Grant Kier for US House. Despite two worthy opponents, Grant is my clear choice. During his thoughtful and highly astute five years of leadership, Five Valleys Land Trust expanded exponentially, protecting many thousands of acres, most after difficult but highly collaborative negotiations. He would bring a solid and wide-ranging grounding in science to a Congress that sorely needs it. Both his experience and his temperament make him an ideal choice.

Jean Curtiss for County Commissioner. Jean has a strong opponent but nothing can surpass the 17 highly effective years that she has served as County Commissioner. Over those years, the population of Missoula County has more than doubled, yet she continues to demonstrate an intimate and detailed knowledge of every issue that faces the county today. She has a commanding grasp of problems that a new Commissioner would have to learn from scratch. Jean clearly deserves re-election.

T.J. McDermott for Sheriff.  T.J. has done a terrific job in reforming the sheriff’s department. He is implementing a jail diversion plan for non-violet offenders that will decrease the overcrowding in the county jails. He has enhanced public safety by increasing community involvement and he has improved transparency in the department’s operations. He should definitely be re-elected.

Duane “Cecil” Schlabach for House District 92. Cecil is a fighter with a “heart of gold,” as one of his colleagues aptly put it. Having grown up Amish and been compelled to leave school at eighth grade, he craved an education and with relentless determination worked his way up to a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. He now teaches civics in Middle School and is passionately determined to make a positive difference in public life. His main issues are education, public lands, affordable health care and a living wage. He will not disappoint us.


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