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By SGM Michael Jarnevic - Retired
Milltown, Mont. 

Bridges Clear Choice for HD92


Lee Bridges is the people’s pick for House District 92. I have known Lee for over a quarter century and she is a conscientious, determined individual that I would trust with my life. As a retired sergeant major of US Army Special Forces, I can tell, with a glance, those that are a cut above and possess the fire and grit to make things work; to get the job done. Lee Bridges is such a person, and possesses what I consider to be the most important characteristic for a representative of the people: she has a soul. Unlike so many in political office today, I know Lee will do the right thing, despite partisan pressure and will steadfastly resist the dark forces of corruption and deceit.

Her background as a working woman--and a Union member--shows that she appreciates the voice of those of us out here on the east side of Missoula. She understands what we hold dear.

And having worked with Lee on several grassroots efforts, I have seen her in action as a watchdog for the citizenry...and, as a bulldog when villainous forces attempt to usurp the will of the people.

If you want a representative that is honest and forthright; displays integrity and perseverance; knows and cares about the citizenry, and will do her very best to serve them, then Lee Bridges is clearly the choice for HD 92.


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