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By Mike Marshall
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Welcome Candidates!


April 19, 2018

SEELEY LAKE - Last week Seeley Lake hosted two candidate forums at our Community Hall. The Seeley Lake Community Council offered a great service for the community and they did it very professionally. One of Klaus von Stutterheim’s super powers is acting as MC for these events. It’s a lot of work to orchestrate such an event, with much contact back and forth between here and the candidates to coordinate. Then there is the setup and breakdown of the hall for the events.

I understand that all but four of the candidates accepted the invitation to participate and attended. Three could not make it and only one just didn’t respond at all to multiple phone calls and emails. Apparently, Seeley Lake just is not important enough to that one candidate to even acknowledge he was invited.

That was Greg Gianforte, our one representative to the U.S. House. How sad for him and for us who he allegedly represents. I’m sure he’s quite busy, but to not even respond speaks volumes about him.

Fortunately, we had some great candidates for that house seat from multiple parties and backgrounds participate. And we all deeply appreciate their time and effort to communicate with us. We all came away having gained valuable insights.


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