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By A. Lee Boman
Seeley Lake ROCKS 

Hiking Time!


April 19, 2018

A. Lee Boman

From the Introduction to 100 Classic Hikes MONTANA, by Douglas Lorain: "If you mention Montana to an avid hiker living almost anywhere else in the United States, the reaction is usually a big smile, a wistful sigh, long stories about a much-treasured vacation to this glorious state, and a comment like, "Now that's God's country." Those of us fortunate enough to live here completely understand this reaction because we can personally attest that it's all absolutely true. The state is glorious, vacations are unbeatable and, if a certain amount of pride is acceptable on these pages, this truly is God's country. With thousands of sparkling lakes, incredibly abundant wildlife, towering glacier-clad mountains, deep and colorful canyons, and vast stretches of prairies and badlands, Montana offers the hiker a cornucopia of outdoor riches and a lifetime's worth of trails."

Living here it is easy to forget some of the most remarkable and least crowded hikes on the planet are in our back yard. Seeley Lake ROCKS encourages you to get ready now for what will be a unique hiking season.

You'll find three, free guided hikes described below for your consideration. The hikes listed will be lead by Seeley Lake residents and are organized by the Montana Wilderness Association. You can register for the three hikes described below and learn of other hikes by going to Registration for hikes begins April 30th.

Scott Eggeman, Gene Schade and Lee Boman will lead the Clearwater River walk. Gene and Lee will lead the Sunday Mountain and Marshall Lakes hikes. Once you register, the hike leader will contact you with details such as meeting place and time and more.

Beginning April 30th register for hikes at

Refreshing hikes surround Seeley Lake, Montana. All of which are free and provide healthy exercise at no additional cost. Three free-guided hikes are described below. One is an easy start to the hiking season; one is strenuous to maintain your progress and one is an old fashion extremely strenuous hike you'll feel good completing.

Clearwater River – Saturday May 12

3 miles, Easy

Join wildlife biologist Scott Eggeman on a family friendly walk along and near the Clearwater River. Scott will share information about critters during the walk. We'll have a lunch break on the river. The photo shows a portion of the route along the Clearwater.

Sign up early to help ensure your family will be included on this walk with Scott.

Sunday Mountain – Thursday, June 28

6 miles, Strenuous

Come hike what may be the quickest route to the crest of the Swan Range. From the top we will have the perfect view on lands involved in the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act.

A. Lee Boman

Clearwater River – Saturday May 12 - 3 miles, Easy

This hike is long-time local favorite. Hiking to Sunday Mountain this year will provide revelations from the Rice Ridge Fire. The hike will be scouted prior to the organized hike to help ensure safety.

Crescent and Marshall Thursday, July 26

10 miles,

Extremely Strenuous

This hike follows a trail originally cut by our own Jack Rich of Rich Ranch. The trail will take us through burned areas from the Rice Ridge Fire.

We'll visit Crescent Lake on this side of the Swan crest and some of the Marshall Lakes (shown in photo) over the hill in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. This hike is listed in the recently published hiking guide, 100 Classic Hikes MONTANA by Douglas Lorain.

This hike will be scouted prior to the organized hike to help ensure safety.


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