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By Gary Fitzpatrick
Lewiston, Mont. 

Common Sense


April 12, 2018

After the recent school shooting the usual cries for gun “safety” went out. Stephen Smith who lost his mother in a school shooting wrote a great pro-gun guest editorial which pretty much reflects my views on the subject.

Democrats and other liberals are always in favor of “common sense gun safety laws” as a way to save lives. They want to modify the second amendment to restrict what kind of gun you can own and how old an adult must be to buy a gun.

These are the same people who believe convicted, violent, illegal immigrants must be protected from Federal deportation, passing laws that create sanctuary states and cities and even using tax money to hire lawyers to protect them. They believe when we are attacked by people shouting a devotion to a religion that any mention of that religion in subsequent investigative or preventative actions is racist and profiling. That asking a person to show a photo ID might frighten them and interfere with their right to vote but doing the same would not interfere with their right to buy a gun. That border protection requires you must cite and release illegals into this country never to be seen again. That it is racist to deny people entry that are from countries which openly state their hatred for and desire to kill us. Logic is not a card in their deck.

I would like to suggest we modify the first amendment and make it unlawful for Democrats and other Liberals to use phrases and words like: common sense; rational; intellectual honesty; racist; oppressed; intolerance; profiling; hate speech; offended; white privilege or safe space unless they get a back ground check wherein they show they know the meaning of these terms and have not misused them in the past.

These people lack common sense and seemingly are devoid of logic. It is obvious you don’t want people like these in positions where they have power to make laws which will affect your life and country.

In November Montana can take a big step in the right direction by firing Senator Jon Tester and voting for the Republican Candidate. Tester will claim to be a strong Second amendment supporter but you need to check with Pelosi and Schumer to see how he really feels.

I plan on supporting Russ Fagg to be the Republican candidate. Check him out at


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