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By Jack Pippo
Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 

A Ray of Sunshine - Service to Others


April 12, 2018

How could we forget the fires of 2017? Ranking #1 in the nation in any category was bad enough. We ranked #1 in fire and #1 in worst air in recorded history. To add insult upon injury, if you lived east of Highway 83 here in the valley, you were asked to evacuate. Where to go when everywhere was on fire or had bad smoke conditions?

What could possibly be a ray of sunshine among such tall timber of despair? Well, we experienced some of the finest examples of service in our little valley. When you had to leave your home, was there someone that offered their home or their property for your use? It could have been a relative that invited you and yours to visit for as long as you needed. More than likely it was a neighbor that wasn’t required to leave their facility who so graciously offered their home or property to accommodate whatever you needed to move. This included trucks, trailers, motor homes and travel trailers or anything that you wanted to protect.

This offering didn’t include any costs or requirements. Animals of every variety were provided safe places. Some of these people were unknown to you previously. Often they helped with transportation and a helping hand. Limits on time or resources were not even discussed.

Many of those “new” friends will tell you that they received a reward by just serving when they could. Sure, we could say that the workers who came in to battle the fires were paid. In the many meetings and information kiosks we had the opportunity to attend, we learned firsthand how much they cared. They were here serving us and leaving their own families, hopefully served by their neighbors while they were away.

I am reminded of the scripture that says, “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mosiah Chapter 2).

We were impressed with all that we saw and heard about your service to others. Thank you for your example of selfless service. Reminds us of a story of a young man when others were asked what they thought of him. They said, “He is proud to be in the community. More important the community is proud to have him.”


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