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By Andi Bourne

Personnel Issues Fill Agenda

Seeley Lake Fire Board


April 12, 2018

SEELEY LAKE - At their special meeting April 4, Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Board of Trustees met to discuss board member possible Article 17 violation/public display towards board members and the chief, unprofessional conduct in public, public concerns, an investigation and member issues. While the majority of the meeting was closed, Board Secretary Rachel Jennings provided a written statement to the board prior to closing the meeting.

In Jennings’ written statement it said that she was informed of allegations against her 48 hours prior to the meeting. An unnamed person made the allegations.

The allegations were shared with all board members, except Jennings, March 16. She was not notified until April 2.

Her attorney sent an email to board chair Scott Kennedy the morning of April 4 requesting 14 days to provide counsel and to allow Jennings adequate time to investigate and respond to the allegations. Kennedy denied this request and informed the attorney that there could be a conflict of interest should the attorney take the case.

The attorney replied that while there is not a conflict of interest, Jennings was being referred to new counsel.

“I have not had adequate time to discuss this matter with new counsel, let alone been given adequate time or information to work with counsel to prepare a response,” wrote Jennings in her letter to the board. “For these reasons, along with the fact that my new attorney was not able to attend tonight’s meeting given such short notice, I will not be making any statements as to any allegations at tonight’s meeting.”

Before the meeting was closed, Jennings verabally objected and requested at least two weeks, on advice of counsel, as well as full information as to the allegations.

In other business:

• Since there were no comments from the board, the Member Organization, Exposure Control and Harassment in the Workplace policies were added to the District policy book effective immediately.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is April 17 at 6 p.m. at the Seeley Lake Fire Hall. All special meetings and agendas are posted on


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