The Better Choice – Russ Fagg

In November Montana voters have an important role to play in giving Republicans a 60 vote majority in the Senate.

Since each state gets two Senators one Montana vote is worth 19.85 New York and 39.54 California votes since our population is 1.05 million and those states have 19.85 and 39.54 million people.

The last 12 years Senator Jon Tester Democrat has taken it upon himself to give your votes to New York and California. He decided to represent the liberal wing of the Democratic Party not Montana. Chuck Schumer calls the tune and former music teacher Tester plays it well, with Nancy Pelosi pounding the drum.

Tester was the anchor vote for Obama Care of which he exempted himself because it’s so bad. He stood silent while Obama and the Democrats destroyed the Montana coal industry and severely handicapped oil and gas, mineral extraction, power generation and agricultural businesses causing the loss of many jobs and a crippling loss of revenue to the state.

Tester voted against tax reform which has given those who still had a job an increase in take home pay and for many a bonus from their employers, who became more competitive with deregulation and tax reduction.

He recently puffs that he is on a bill to modify Dodd/Frank, a disaster that he voted for in the first place, but doesn’t mention why he didn’t try to replace Obama Care, a bigger disaster he could have voted against. If you don’t want New York and California to have him as a third Senator then it’s time to send Tester back to the farm.

Anyone would be better than Tester, but I believe we have a much better choice in RUSS FAGG. I met him at a meet and greet and later had a phone conversation where I was able to get his thoughts on such things as Obama Care and the time bomb of deficit and debt. He obviously had given some thought to these issues and had logical and well thought out approaches to resolve the problems. No talking points, just straight answers. My kind of guy.

His professional history of prosecutor, judge and state legislator informs me that he will be able to navigate the swamp that is the Senate and he is a pleasant guy to boot. Check him out at


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