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By Andi Bourne

Bringing Out the Potential in the Ordinary


March 15, 2018

Photo provided

Abstract artist Ryan Reschke. The images are overlaid to create this effect.

SWAN VALLEY – Part-time Swan Valley resident Ryan Reschke has always enjoyed experimenting with abstract drawing, photography and painting techniques. Whether it is behind his camera, on canvas or digitally creating with his iPad, Reschke pulls the extraordinary out of the ordinary letting the art create its self.

Reschke became interested in art at a young age. Even though he took an art class in elementary school, it wasn't until he was 16 that he started practicing abstract drawing.

"Abstract art has always been my thing mainly because I'm not that good at drawing and I enjoy doing it," said Reschke. "I like to see an image and bring it out of what I see. I let the art create itself in a way."

In his 20s, Reschke started experimenting with photography. He gravitated towards abstract photography.

"In a lot of my photographs you would never know what it was I was photographing," said Reschke sharing an example that many people think is a flower but is actually a bucket.

A couple of years ago he continued to expand his creativity combining his love of photography, painting and drawing using digital art.

"I see the potential of a piece and I pull the potential out of that piece. The original image might be drab and even ugly but I digitally change the hue which usually brings out some really vibrant colors in it," said Reschke. "God has blessed me with a gift to change something normal into something completely different."

Reschke uses the Art Studio app on his iPad. All of the digital techniques he has learned through trial and error. He produced a large body of works in 2015 in an effort to learn the different techniques within the Art Studio app.

"It took me years of experimenting with the app before I knew my way around and even now I'm sure there is stuff I don't know about it," said Reschke.

Reschke said a lot of his images that he digitally alters are of the sun. His Christian-themed works, "just come to me. I really enjoy them."

Mushrooms are also a good subject for Reschke because he likes the way mushrooms look and "they are delicious." Otherwise he just uses what strikes him at the time.

Recently Reschke started experimenting with pebeo MIXED MEDIA ® oil based paint. He spray paints the canvas and then pours the paint in layers causing different reactions when each color is added.

"It's completely abstract, there are no paintbrushes. It is just paint and canvas," said Reschke. "There are a few different techniques but generally it is just gravity."

Reschke said his art has changed a lot over the years from the dark periods of his life to the past 5-10 years where his work has become much more colorful and vibrant. Reschke credits more details in his art to his evolution of his combined photography and digital techniques.

Photo provided

One of Ryan Reschke's favorite and most produced piece. It is a collection of photographs and other complete pieces combined with digital enhancements and digital paint.

Reschke enjoys sharing his love of abstract art and likes to see people pleased and get something out of his work. He also likes to teach painting techniques. He has offered painting classes for small groups in the Swan Valley and would be open to a larger community event if people were interested. Currently the classes are $50 per person for the canvas and paint.

"I enjoy doing it and will always continue doing it. If it becomes an income for me that would be a major blessing," said Reschke. "I get a lot of pleasure from doing it as well as looking at it and when people enjoy it, it is just enjoyable all the way around."

For more information about painting or digital art classes or to purchase Reschke's work email or find "Ryan Reschke" on Facebook page. Reschke also started the "Abstract and surreal Art Gallery" on Facebook for surreal and abstract artists to share their work.


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