Dog Off Leash and No Voice Control

SEELEY LAKE - To the cross country skier who allowed his dog to jump all over mine as my dog and I were trying to walk to the start of the Morrell Falls USFS road: As your dog continued to jump on and at mine, you watched but did nothing. I asked you several times to please call your dog back, since it was making it difficult for me to walk. You repeatedly ignored me and stood silently watching. Finally you yelled that it is a “dog-off-leash” area. True. But, that does not mean that dogs off-leash should not be under voice control and allowed to jump on and at others; they must be under voice...


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Nouseforaname writes:

I'm sorry to hear this happened. I was on the internet looking for some information on 'voice control' which is a term mentioned by a gentleman who got right in my face when I told him his dog should be on a leash. Anyway, time and time again I've been aggressively approached by (maybe for 'fun') and chased by dogs whose owners always react completely out of line. I imagine you feel bad for escalating things with with the name calling as I have many many times. Don't lose sight of the fact that you asked multiple times (as I have) for owners to do the right thing. It's the heat of the moment. I for one have been (a female) alone in the woods when these encounters occur. Never mind, the fact that we have leash laws where I live... All this is grounds to be responded to with much worse language?! Sometimes I just don't like people.

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