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By Andi Bourne

A Change of Climate For Seeley Lake's New Postmaster


February 1, 2018

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Seeley Lake's new Postmaster Laura Brett with a gift from PO Box 548. He noticed the plastic shovel she was using wasn't working to chop the ice. Some customers have asked why she is the one out clearing the walkways to which she has replied, "Because the girls are in there taking care of you."

SEELEY LAKE – When Seeley Lake's new Postmaster Laura Brett arrived in Seeley Lake on Dec. 28, she was welcomed with 30 inches of snow. Her wish for "a change in climate" was granted and she looks forward to many more new adventures in her new home.

Brett has been with the U.S. Postal Service for the past 17 years. She started in Florida.

"I've always worked for the government," said Brett. "I went from working for the military, to working for the state back to working for the government."

Brett worked nearly ever position in the postal service, from carrier to clerk, to supervisor to post master. This is her fourth office she has served as postmaster.

"It's the people," said Brett when asked what she likes most about working for the Postal Service. "I've been blessed. I've been able to work with a great group of people in every office that I've been in."

Brett was the postmaster in Valley View, Texas. Having never been to Montana, she applied for the position because she was ready for a change.

"I was lucky enough to get it," she said.

After arriving Dec. 28 and moving into her place in Seeley Lake, she started working Jan. 2.

Brett said one of her strengths is she is good with people.

"Customer service is my thing," said Brett. "I can usually smooth out most problems, not all, but most of them we can work through."

Brett looks forward to incorporating herself to an already effective operation.

"The girls [Katrina Carpenter and Kym Murphy] are awesome. They take care of their customers. I'm proud to be able to work with them," said Brett.

Brett said she hopes to implement small adjustments. In every office she has been in they have decorated for the holidays.

"I'm real big about the holidays," said Brett. "The community seems to appreciate it and it makes the people in the office feel good because it is not the same old boring thing."

When customers walk into the office, heart lights adorn the windows for February.

"February is not only Valentines Day but it is also National Heart Association Month," said Brett. "That is why we went with the red and the hearts."

When Brett is not working, she enjoys spending time with her four sons. Her youngest Connor Davis is 10-years-old and attends Seeley Lake Elementary. Ryan Davis is a senior at Seeley-Swan High School. She has 25 and 27 year old sons. They are looking forward to hiking this summer and exploring new things. Having come from the south, snow is a new adventure.

Brett added, "It's gorgeous here and everyone I've met has been very polite."


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