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Again Birds of a Feather

Out 'N The Woods


November 16, 2017

Dale Terrillion

Have you watched and wondered how a flock of small birds just weave and turn as one headed for somewhere? Like some inner radar maneuvering this way and that. Just another wonder of Ol' Mother Nature.

Every once in a blue moon a cock of the woods (Pileated Woodpecker) shows up. When I was a lad and Ol' shep was a pup, Uncle Tony, the hermit-my backwoods instructor, said, "When you hear that kak, kak, kak call it usually means rain." I sure didn't hear any this summer.

I think maybe the smoke has disturbed the bird's normal life. Since the smoke got so thick not a songbird could be heard. Course they're the most vocal when they're nesting, you hear pa bird singing to ma bird (I'm right here waiting).

Anyway, even the fascinating hummer disappeared. Probably figured to heck with it and took off early. Our two locals even abandoned a fresh feeder full of sweets.

Early this summer a hen turkey showed up. She was quite an attraction for a spell. She'd go in the barn and look it over. Then trot down to the chicken coop. We head to train the mutts to leave her alone. When she disappeared I figured she must be sitting. One day in early September she showed up down in the corral with her brood but not as tame as before.

The bird that will make you take notice when you're riding down the trail is thunder grouse. He'll explode almost under your horse. And if you're rid'n a spook hunter things can get really western real quick. The word whoa doesn't seem to calm the brome tail much.

Then down below on the ranch land, the nasty cowbirds are all lined up on the wires. Waiting like the rest of us for the smoke to clear so they can get on with life. So like the say'n goes, birds of a feather really do flock together.


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