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By Dennis Clark
Spokane, Wash. & Seeley Lake resident for 40 years 



October 19, 2017

Regarding the letters to the editor concerning the sewer project during the past four months, Don Larson states that, “All the 20 against the project were by residents who live and vote in the Sewer District.” I guess Don needs to look more closely at the Sewer District map, as the primary residences of two of the most vocal individuals opposed to the sewer are in southern Montana and Arizona.

Referencing those who wrote in support of the project, Larson writes, “Only seven live and vote in the District.” Wrong again, Don.  I personally know many of those who wrote in support of the Sewer Project and they number far greater than the “seven” to whom you refer.

It is also important to note that many of the families who might not live in the District full-time but own properties there have been paying taxes that support roads, schools, law enforcement, solid waste and many other services for generations. And it is these same people who, even though they will not be using the sewer for more than a few months a year, are willing to step up and pay their share of the sewer project in support of the greater good. It is what concerned and caring citizens do.

Once again, it seems Mr. Larson is playing fast and loose with the truth.


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