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By Sigrid Olson

Magnets Aren't Just for the Fridge


October 12, 2017

Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder

Cattle are grazing ruminants who use their long textured tongues to eat because they do not have top teeth. In addition to feed, they can also pick up metal pieces like staples and wire that can travel into their stomach system and cause infection.

POTOMAC – Magnets are used in telephones, compasses and speakers. They can also prevent internal injuries in cattle.

Some Potomac cattle producers give magnets to their cattle to prevent bovine traumatic reticuloperitonitis, otherwise known as 'hardware disease.'

Cattle are ruminants and grazers. They may pick up small bits of metal like staples, wire, nails or other small pieces in fields and pastures or from processed feed.

How cattle are fed and where they are fed can make a difference, said Dr. Dick Richardson, a Missoula County Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in his 37th year....

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