By Terry Rice
Missoula, Mont. 

Time for Good Men to Step Forward and Protect Ourselves and Our Environment


September 21, 2017

I believe everyone knows the earth is warming up. So there is no need to throw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming that nobody is listening. There does seem to be some controversy over whether man caused the warming or it is just a regularly occurring phenomenon the earth has gone through for millions of years. However, whatever the reason, if we can’t immediately change the situation, shouldn’t we take the necessary measure to protect ourselves as best we can?

Given this situation, why wouldn’t our environmental friends want to see the forest properly managed to avoid the disasters we have faced this summer?

Why would the National Forest Service continue the practice of letting it burn by simply managing rather than putting fires out the way they used too?

Why wouldn’t our Governor Bullock have immediately made firefighting part of the National Guard training instead of waiting until the last minute to do so?

Why should the Governor oppose the State of Montana taking over the responsibility of managing these forests if the U.S. Forest Service will not fight to thin the forest and immediately put the fires out?

Why would Senator Jon Tester ask for more tax money to simply fight fires rather than put them out?

Heaven forbid, this is not all for money, power and control, or is it?

Why are some people continually using global warming as an excuse to go after those individuals who are obviously trying to correct the problem? More politics, at our expense? Don’t you think it’s time for a change when politics gets as dirty as the air folks had to breathe this summer?

Do you remember the old saying that evil prevails when good men do nothing?


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