No Blackfoot River in Movie That Made It Famous

MISSOULA – Twenty-five years ago the movie "A River Runs Through It" was released. The film was based on Norman Maclean's novella of the same name and the river was the Blackfoot. Taking its cue from descriptions in the novella, the movie displayed spectacular scenes of the pristine waters of the Blackfoot River, fly fishing on the Blackfoot River, running the rapids on the Blackfoot River. The irony is that none of those scenes were filmed on the Blackfoot River.

Patrick Markey the film's producer, speaking at the In the Footsteps of Norman Maclean Festival at The Wilma Sept. 10, recalled, "W...


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BlackfootLover writes:

Thank you for this quite informative and great article. I watched the movie when I was in High School and remember falling in love with the picturesque beauty of the 'Blackfoot River' and I've always had a desire to go fly fish the Blackfoot because of it. I've always wondered if the river on the movie was the actual river. Now I know. Thank you again.