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By John Kilmer
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Just because... "The Rice Ridge Fire of 2017"


August 24, 2017

The timing of this story is a scarred sadness for the Seeley Lake area as days remembered that are at rest with God within our prayers along with all of the memories we can only share together during the destruction and devastation of the Rice Ridge fire of 2017. Where some of the days in Seeley Lake the smoke has settled at times thicker and darker than any fog seen before it seemed. The fumes and flames from the Rice Ridge Fire were choking while, they burned within an extensive summer heat not only in the air with falling ash but, also in the hopes and dreams to the Seeley Lake area’s future sometimes at a moment’s notice. Your eyes couldn’t help crying, not just from the burning smoke but, from the tears being shed for the lost lives battling against a fire trying to save not only the forest but, the fighting spirit and the lives in the community of Seeley Lake, Montana, The Rice Ridge Fire of 2017.

“... but, only God can make a tree.” from “Tree’s” by Joyce Fredrick Kilmer


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