By Juanita Vero
Greenough, Mont. 

Support the Sewer Board and Build the Facility


August 10, 2017

SEELEY LAKE - This sewer is a local solution for a local issue. Seeley Lake’s groundwater, lakes, rivers and streams are impacted by leaking septic tanks and drainfield effluent. It’s hard to imagine that a community with such iconic beauty is so marred by human waste. Fortunately, there is a committed volunteer sewer board – local citizens – who found a USDA Rural Development Fund grant coupled with other grant sources that will cover two-thirds of the sewer system’s construction. This once in a lifetime opportunity is the largest grant ever offered to a community in Montana. It would be shameful not to accept it.

Please support Seeley Lake’s future. Support more affordable housing and commercial construction while protecting natural treasures. I may not be a resident but I’m downstream and I know these are the values and concerns of Seeley’s citizens. Build this sewer system and wastewater treatment facility.


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