Staffing, Funding and Projects Discussed

SLE School Board

SEELEY LAKE- The Seeley Lake Elementary School Board of Trustees received several updates regarding staff changes, SLE Outside, the new scoreboard, parking lot paving and preschool funding at their meeting July 18.

One of the first orders of business was a letter of resignation from Andrew Wyatt. Superintendent Chris Stout will make his replacement recommendations at the next meeting.

At the next meeting, Stout will also provide an update on the SLE Outside store. Stout stated that it is his tentative plan for the store to vacate its current retail location in the Bison and Bear Mall.

There was discussion about the new scoreboard which Stout hopes to have in place by the beginning of basketball season.

In the superintendent’s report, Stout updated the board on the parking lot construction, saying that it should be paved in the next two weeks, and hopefully part of the basketball court will be resurfaced as well.

Stout also stated that they had interviewed for a new Acadia Altacare therapist and said that all positions should be staffed by the start of the school year.

Discussion was also briefly centered around preschool funding. While the funding has not yet been secured, Stout said that the timeline is similar to previous years.

“At this point I’m just going to run forward as if it’s there and if it doesn’t show up I can figure something out,” said Stout. “Because people are going to enroll in preschool.”

Stout estimated about 30 students will enroll in preschool this year.

The next meeting is set for Tuesday, Aug. 15 at 5:30 p.m. at SLE.


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