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By Micah Drew

Shintangle Brings Square Dancing to Condon


Micah Drew, Pathfinder

The Shintangle featured square dancing all evening long accompanied by the Beet Tops.

CONDON - The Condon Ball Field was alive with music and dancing during the fourth annual Swan Valley Connections' Shintangle July 20.

"Tonight is all about celebrating," said Executive Director Maria Mantas during her welcome comments. "We're really here to celebrate the fantastic place we live, the Swan Valley, and to thank our community."

The event, which drew around 100 people, featured live music by the Beet Tops and square dancing all evening, along with barbecue. The event also featured several raffle drawings for attendants to enter.

"We used to call it a fundraiser but then we realized when we have an event with the community, it's really about thanking them and just having a good time," said Mantas.

Micah Drew, Pathfinder

A Shintangle attendee kicks her boots during the square dancing.

After a few rounds of square dancing, the Beet Tops cleared the stage to let SVC Conservation Technician and Landscape and Livelihood (an SVC College program) alumni Jessie Thoreson sing a few songs.

For an event that was full of upbeat music and laughing, the Shintangle crowd went nearly silent while the Seattle-native serenaded the field with her original songs.

More square dancing followed her performance, as most attendants were convinced to take to the field and do-si-do with their partners.

"We're always doing so much boots on the ground," said SVC Marketing Coordinator Susan Novosel. "So it's kind of nice to kick our heels back so to speak, do the square dancing thing and provide people with another venue to enjoy the summer."


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