Protect Seeley Lake - Seeley Sewer Step in the Right Direction

SEELEY LAKE - Seeley Lake is named that for a reason. The lake is a jewel and is the iconic symbol of the town, one of the most important driving forces of the local economy. 

This wonderful lake is now endangered by pollution from groundwater tainted by the town’s septic systems. There are two options to deal with this: 1. Ignore the problem or 2. Put in a sewer system.

The first option is what’s been done so far and the results speak for themselves – expanding oxygen-free “dead zones” in the lake, decreased lake water clarity and restricted development in the town because there’s no more room for another septic system. The second option fixes the problem but at a financial cost. The good news is there is a once-in-a-lifetime grant from Rural Development to pick up two-thirds of the cost of the sewer project.

As the Big Blackfoot Riverkeeper, my concerns are with protecting the amazing quality of the water in this amazing watershed. But this project will not only be a big step in that direction, it also will allow the community to expand its affordable housing and offer opportunities for new businesses to sprout up, offering a critically needed economic boost to the area.

Please support this project and vote YES for the future of Seeley Lake.


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