Seeley Lake's Annual Duck Race a Splash

SEELEY LAKE - The rubber ducks were off to the races again this year down the Clearwater River! The first duck crossed the finish line within 15 minutes of being dropped at the start.

2017 Annual Duck Race Winners

1. Bonnie “Isis” $100

2. Doris Skyles “Doris” $75

3. Foucar Family “Barbra” $50

4. Tom Sanders $25

2 Chicken Dinners from the Coop

Gayle & Les Gordon “Men”

Clint Rice “B”

Kelly Wold “KeKe”

Terri Holka “Lexi”

Tripp Mincey “Joker”

Bill Baier “Elvis”

Last Place: Mary “Infidel”...


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