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Much Ado about the Red, White and Blue in Seeley Lake

"Old Fashioned Fourth of July" - Part 1


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

While the competition was close, Optimal Fitness won this year's Group/Float Category for the Seeley Lake Parade. The judges said their "1950's Fun in the Sun on the Fourth of July" was a perfect fit for the theme and the presentation couldn't have been better. "They looked like they were having so much fun."

SEELEY LAKE - Everyone cleaned up their cars, trucks and donned their red, white and blue for the annual parade in Seeley Lake. The event started with a fly over by a C-130 from the 120th AirWing with the Montana National Guard. Seeley-Swan High School junior Chloe Robbins sang the national anthem from the announcer's stand and everyone cheered. The celebration continued with nearly 50 entries in the parade. Everyone enjoyed getting candy and goodies from the parade participants.

“Old Fashioned Fourth of July” Seeley Lake Parade Winners!

Sponsored by the Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce


1. Optimal Fitness: “1950’s Fun in the Sun on the Fourth of July”

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Citizens Alliance Bank took second place for the Group/Float category.

2. Citizens Alliance Bank: “Thank you from your local, hometown bank.”

3. Tamaracks Resort: Since 1929, the Tamaracks Resort has been bringing people to experience the wilderness.


1. Wolery Family: 1947 Ford half ton restored in 1986.

2. David Cahoon: 1932 Ford Coupe.

3. 66’ Chevy Half Ton Stepside Pickup: 2017 a summer to celebrate the Berry family 90th, 50th, 45th and 40th birthdays and 25th anniversary.


1. Lilium Young: Laura Ingalls leaves her little house on the prairie to visit Seeley Lake in 1876. 2. Mannix Moree: Marshall Mannix is on the trail of cattle rustlers in Montana Territory. 3. Brooke Bezanson - Grand Marshal: Miss Montana Brooke Bezanson driven in a 1964 Corvette by Matt Hayhurst.


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