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By Lee Boman
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Learn About the Sewer Project - Support It


SEELEY LAKE - Like many people around here, I choose to live in Seeley Lake to enjoy the abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Everything from hunting to bird watching is available close to home. I can hike a different trail each day and most often have the entire trail to myself. At the same time, I enjoy the benefits of a community full of small town charm.

These values will be enhanced by the construction of a sewer system in Seeley Lake. Right now, the septic systems that lie beneath our homes and businesses are polluting our groundwater and the lake. As our community has grown, this pollution has gotten bad enough that the Health Department has created new regulations. Even so, algae blooms in the summers are driving fish out of sections of the lake and this could get worse if we don’t deal with this issue as a whole community.

A sewer system will help us preserve and improve the natural environment that draws us to this amazing place. I hope you will join me and many other property owners in learning about this issue and supporting the sewer project.


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