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By Debra Silk
Double Arrow Ranch Land Owners Association 

Collaboration – A Key Ingredient for Success!!


The Double Arrow Ranch Land Owners Association (DARLOA) and the residents of Double Arrow Ranch (DAR) are committed to ensuring that the community of Seeley Lake—by any measure, a breathtaking piece of paradise where we live, recreate, create memories of the past and dreams of the future--remains as vibrant and beautiful as it is today for future generations to enjoy.

Many of the residents of the DAR support local conservation, arts, philanthropy and recreational projects, initiative and activities. By way of example, we have DAR residents leading the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, with Carla Schade as the Foundation’s Board President and Lee Boman as the Foundation’s Secretary. The Foundation has an impressive list of donors, many of whom are DAR residents and supports many community activities/initiatives. In conjunction with the Bob Marshall Music Festival, the Foundation is sponsoring the “Change Your Pace Challenge” Competitive 10K, 5K and Family Fun Run on July 15.

We have landowners prominently involved in the work of the Clearwater Resource Council (CRC) including Joann Wallenburn and Mark Williams. As we all know, the issue of mussel invasion in Montana’s waters is a high priority and the CRC has one of the most comprehensive monitoring programs in the state. The CRC is also involved in many fire mitigation programs as well as education about fire safety, including the upcoming “Remembering the Jocko Lake Fire” scheduled for June 25.

DAR residents (Carrie Sokoloski and Chris Stout, to name a few) have been active on the Seeley Lake Community Council, whose mission is to promote the interests and welfare of the Seeley Lake community.

DAR resident Bill Swain and others are active in the Seeley Lake Driftriders Snowmobile Club, a group dedicated to maintaining an extensive, top-quality snowmobile trail system in the Seeley-Swan Valley.

Many of our residents are involved in conservation projects. As you may recall, the restoration on Trail Creek at the Homestead Commons along with the diversion and fish screen project involved many volunteer hours by DAR residents along with local students, Trout Unlimited and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

We are also in discussions with Missoula County about the possibility of making enhancements to Drew Creek Park for the benefit of residents and visitors to Seeley Lake, with Brian Page and David Wallenburn taking the lead on this initiative.

Joy and Glen Stocking have been actively involved in many community activities, including the high school’s Students-In-Action, CRC’s Adopt-A-Stream and Adopt-A Highway.

Glen Stocking and Laurie Deniger are members of the Seeley-Swan Mountain Bells.

Many other DAR residents are heavily invested in other philanthropic and cultural/arts, worthy causes/initiatives that support the community of Seeley Lake. In summary, the residents of the DAR are committed to the vitality of Seeley Lake. We are always looking for ways to partner and collaborate to enhance the community.

If you have outdoor summer activities planned, you can reserve the Homestead Cabin for your gatherings, but you must do so by contacting the DARLOA Office at 406-677-2030.

If you would like to know more about us, if you are interested in purchasing property within the Double Arrow Ranch and/or have ideas for greater collaboration with DARLOA and the DAR residents, you can call the office or visit us in the Bison & Bear Shopping Mall.


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