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By Sigrid Olson

The Blackfoot Valley Cannibalistic and Aposematic Salamander


Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder

The northern long-toed salamander is common around Potomac but is usually seen during breeding season. The amphibian's aposematic coloring warns predators that it produces a neurotoxin if threatened.

POTOMAC - This time of year small amphibians can be found around Potomac waterways, yards and in the woods.

The Ambystoma macrodactylum krausei, commonly known as the northern long-toed salamander, lives in the Blackfoot Valley. They are plentiful in this area but are not seen except during breeding season, according to Sandy Perrin at Missoula County Extension.

The characteristic that is the namesake for this species is the extra long third toe on their hind feet. Males are longer limbed and bodied than the females. Some males have been recorded up to seven inches from snout to tail, altho...

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