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By Micah Drew

Around the World in 45 Minutes


Micah Drew, Pathfinder

The Ovando School girls perform a traditional Japanese fan dance during the Asian stop on their world tour. The students learned a brief history of each region they studied. Back (L-R): Sadie Smith and Macy Williams. Middle (L-R): Abby deRonnebeck, Sawyer Hessler and Iris Swanberg. Front (L-R): Matilda Hessler and Markie Weymouth.  

OVANDO - Around 60 people attended the Ovando School's annual May Day Tea Wednesday, May 24. The eight students spent their year learning world geography and the event was a way to showcase what they had learned.

Ovando teacher Leigh Ann Valiton introduced each act and gave a brief synopsis of what the students learned.

Micah Drew, Pathfinder

Matilda Hessler and Kyle deRonnebeck dress up like penguins and perform a Happy Feet dance from Antarctica. The students did a dance reminiscent of penguins after learning that few humans live near the South Pole.

"To share this with you, we're going to dance across the world in 45 minutes," Valiton said while students served tea and cookies to the audience.

Students performed songs and dances from each continent. First up was North America, where the students saddled up to sing "Don't Fence Me In."

After a few songs from Latin America, the audience sailed across the sea to Africa. Students shared facts they'd learned, such as Nigeria being the most populous African country.

From there, they traveled to Portugal, performed a traditional Japanese Fan Dance and serenaded the audience with sounds from the island of Samoa.

The final stop on the tour was in Antarctica, a continent sparsely populated by people. To pay homage to the many non-human residents, the students dressed up as penguins and danced to a song from the movie "Happy Feet."

The May Day Tea is made possible by support from the Ovando School Cultural Enrichment committee.


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