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Mushroom Harvesting Permits Available


MISSOULA – Permits for mushroom harvesting will be available at all ranger district offices of the Lolo National Forest starting April 17. Commercial permits are being sold only at the Plains-Thompson Falls Ranger District and will be for use only within the Copper King Fire perimeter on that district.

 Those interested in harvesting non-commercially and in small amounts may harvest up to five gallons (about two grocery bags) for the season. This is considered Incidental Use and no permit is required but no more than one gallon of mushrooms is allowed in a harvester’s possession each day. Incidental Use will be allowed throughout the Lolo National Forest except within the Copper King fire perimeter. 

Permits are also available for those interested in harvesting more than five gallons for personal use. Please see the Lolo National Forest website for more information

Those harvesting should also remember that Incidental Use and Personal Use mushrooms must be cut in half lengthwise to render them unsuitable for commercial sale.

The morel mushroom season typically varies depending on local weather conditions and runs from April through July. Mushroom harvesters are asked to abide by resource protection rules, especially the 16-day stay limit in place for camping and the Special Order for food storage requirements to prevent wildlife encounters. Everyone should pack it in, pack it out.

The Lolo National Forest will be active in enforcing mushroom permit rules as well as the rules and regulations that protect resources.

Mushroom harvesters should be aware of the different types of mushrooms and be able to distinguish morels from poisonous mushrooms.



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