Please Pause for Pets and People


Not sure if I had this in my last column so thought I would tell you about my neighbor across the street. He went out early one morning to get his pickup and there stood a moose. I’m not sure who scared each other the worse but he said the moose took off running. Pretty unlikable to happen but it is so.

 Well as we all know the bears are out and coming out. Remember to put your garbage where it is safe from the bears! Someone didn’t and the small bear got in the garbage and the man shot the little bear. Pretty stupid thing to do in my opinion!

The garbage was out. It was not the little bear’s fault, it was the fault of the owner of the garbage. Yet he shot a bear, probably one who was kicked out of the den for the first time and was looking for food on his own.

People, this is a crime against nature. We cannot kill off our wildlife because we make the mistake of not taking care of our own garbage. Lets not have more senseless killings of our bears.

I’ve had 50 bears at least run across my yard and had trouble with one, a five-year-old boar, who thought he’d like to hang around awhile. He left finally when Charlie put a shotgun shell over his body.

Please, if a bear is being bothersome call the game warden and stay away from the bear. The killings have to stop. If you don’t love nature and all it offers, then Montana is not the place to be. 

Remember, it’s flea and tick time so get your dogs and cats a collar or a pill. Yes, we do have fleas and ticks and ticks can cause people to get Lyme disease.

 Well, our Ed Jackson Fund to help people and pets has helped approximately 200 people and pets in four years. It will not be available anymore. You can’t run a well without water coming back in, you can’t run a car without putting gas in it. We did all we could do. We give a big thank you to everyone who brought and bought goodies at our bake sales. We figured that once we helped people, when they were better, they would find a way to repay the fund. That isn’t happening, except for a few. So the well is dry and the car is out of gas, as sorry as it is.

I am, and many others should be, grateful to a strong man Ed Jackson who I am sure is smiling that we could help as many as we did.

Blessings to all,

Elinor Williamson 


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