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By Gary Schlaeger
Great Falls, Mont. 

Gianforte Best Choice!


Greg Gianforte, a devout family man, moved to Montana decades ago and founded a company that evolved to develop “high tech” $90,000 jobs. When his growing company had a shortage of skilled labor, he started a scholarship to encourage Montana students to learn computer tech skills so they could stay in our state and get high paying jobs. He has devoted time with thousands of voters on a 75,000-mile campaign across the state to meet and listen to Montanans at rallies in big communities as well as small towns.

Greg will fight for a balanced budget, term limits and improved service to Veterans by the VA. He opposes “Gun Registration” (proposed by his opponent) and privatization of Federal Lands.

Greg knows how to negotiate and get things done! He has high integrity and great communication skills.

Join me in voting for Greg Gianforte! We don’t need to elect Quist to serenade the House. We need a representative with sharp business skills, who does not need to rely on Congressional income or benefits. Gianforte is the candidate who will make Montana the best place for us and our children to live and work.


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