Trophy Bull Hunt Costs Two Seeley Lake Residents Hunting Privileges

SEELEY LAKE – Seeley Lake residents Leland Bartlett and William (Bill) Bartlett pleaded guilty to several counts related to killing a trophy bull elk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The hunt took place in 2015 while Leland's hunting privileges were suspended from a previous case. The unlawful possession of game felony charge was deferred for both contingent on compliance with all terms and conditions for the next five years. The Bartlett family faces more than $16,000 in fines and the two lost their privileges to hunt, fish and trap, Leland for 10 years and Bill for five.

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Hunter writes:

These two poachers should be doing prison time--that is the only way to send a message this kind of selfish and disgusting behavior won't be tolerated. These low-lifes steal game from legitimate hunters.. They should both be in jail and not allowed to hunt for life

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