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By Elinor Williamson
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Tell Your Representatives to Vote YES on HB 570


Once again we see the horrors of puppy mills, with 38 dogs found last week. Will you please stop this terrible cruelty by calling your Representative and Senator and ask them to vote ‘Yes’ on House Bill (HB) 570, the bill that is in the House and Labor committees and requires licensure and inspection for pet breeders. Please call 406-444-4800. When someone answers tell them you want them to vote yes on HB570 and leave a message for our Representative Mike Hopkins to please vote yes.

I have called Hopkins twice and have not received an answer back. However Senator Malek always answers back.

We must stop the greedy people who live off of little pet’s flesh, in my own opinion. If you are tired of seeing the faces of these precious animals suffering, if you are tired of our state being known as “The Puppy Mill State” because citizens don’t care, then stand up for the little animals and vote YES on HB570, call today, please.

There are approximately 10,000 puppy mills in the United States that produce two million puppies a year. Many of these puppies that don’t sell end up in Kill Shelters, killed at the Mills, or taken out into the woods and left to die. The State of Montana must rid itself of being a Puppy Mill State.

God did not give us dogs and cats to let people live off the flesh of them. God gave us pets to love, to learn compassion, to teach children to love and have compassion. Dogs were given to us to protect us and work as were cats. In turn we feed, love and protect them.

Cruelty is a sin against God. Please make the call and urge your Rep. Hopkins to vote yes on HB570. The bill is in committee now. Please call, you will sleep better knowing you saved many precious animals!

Thank you and blessings for the innocents you have helped to save.


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