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By Douglas E. Waldron
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Enough Already – No Elbow Gravel Pit


SEELEY LAKE - I wholeheartily agree with Libby Langston’s letter to the Seeley Swan Pathfinder dated Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017, “Do Not Create the Elbow Gravel Pit.”

Possibly, some of these brain thrush people at DNRC who want to make this deal should drive north and south on Highway 83, preferable at night… Gee look here, a “warning sign,” placed on Highway 83, after turning from Highway 200, a warning sign approximately 69” x 132” of, ‘Gee? “WILDLIFE CROSSING.”

You might want to look for the osprey, golden and bald eagles, ravens, etc. nesting nearby also.

Oops, and what about a little area named “The Clearwater Game Range.” I believe, just might be the BIGGEST Game Range in Montana.

And, oh by the way, you might want to, maybe not…, drive the first four miles at 70 miles per hour, north or south after mid- night.

Also, I might mention the Fishing Accesses like Harper Lake and Elbow Lake which people love to use, not to mention the access points of Highway 200.

I personally have seen, many, many people using these points winter and summer for camping, boating, fishing, etc. If you think this might be funny, or a joke on my part, try violating any of these laws if you will, and you WILL be introduced to our local Game Warden Bill Koppen. He totally guards these areas with every breath in his body. Many have tried and regretted the introduction.

I guess what I’m attempting to say is this IS NOT a place for a gravel pit. IT IS a place for the PEOPLE to visit, to enjoy, and for the wildlife to fly and run free at will. PLEASE, stop taking what land we have access to. We don’t need another PIT and neither does our wildlife.


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