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By Annie Bukacek - MD
Kalispell, Mont. 

Declare Legal Protection At Conception


With 25 years of clinical experience, and scores of patients who have had abortions, I have never met a woman who wasn’t emotionally harmed by it. Post abortive woman’s feelings, health and humanity are ignored in the pro-abortion arguments... not to mention potential physical complications for the mother including death and sterility.

Post abortion women learn later in life when happily pregnant that at conception the unborn child has its own distinctively human genome, separate from the mother—already established gender, hair and eye color.  The post-abortion woman recognizes later in life the stage at which her defenseless baby was destroyed. 

Killing innocent humans is always wrong and it hurts us all. If anyone in our human family is considered disposable, it sends the message we are all disposable.

As slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” It is imperative we face the reality of the unborn made clear from science and technology, face the damage done to mothers, fathers, grandparents and declare that legal protection (personhood) begins at conception.  It is the only stance that promotes the dignity and value of every member of our human family.


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