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By Andi Bourne

Eagles and Warhawks Challenge Each Other for First Time in 20 Years


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Eagles and Warhawks battle over a rebound. Eagle Bethany Hoag's height proved to be a significant advantage throughout the game.

SWAN VALLEY – The Swan Valley Warhawks hosted the Seeley Lake Elementary (SLE) Eagles Thursday, Feb. 2 for the first time since the late 1990s. The B and A teams battled it out with the Eagles bringing down the Warhawks in both games.

While the Warhawks just finished their season, the Eagles are only a week into the girls' season. Since the teams are in different leagues, the Warhawks in the Blackfoot League and the Eagles in the Copper League, they haven't played each other in years. However the Eagles were looking for more games to play, and the Warhawks invited them to play.

B Game

The SLE Eagles took an eight-point lead in the first quarter holding the Warhawks to one basket. The Warhawks fought back shutting down the Eagles in the second quarter. Connor Matthew, the Warhawks' sole scorer in the first half, brought the score up to 7-10 in favor of the Eagles.

The Eagles came back in the second half doubling their score in the third quarter and adding 16 points in the fourth. The Eagles walked away with the win 36-12.

Grace Mercado could not miss in the second half leading the Eagles' with 14 points. Hannah Ayers added 8 and Sara Stevenson put up 6 for the Eagles. Also scoring: Ava Thornsberry, 4; Tru Good, 2; Rowan McClure, 2.

Connor Matthew led the Warhawks scoring 8 points. Kyla Conley hit the remaining 4 points.

A Game

Warhawk Rose Mercer wasted no time putting the first two points on the board in the first five seconds of the game. The Eagles answered back putting up six baskets in the first quarter to the Warhawks' two.

The Eagles dominated the court in the second and third quarters shutting out the home team while they brought the score to 30-4.

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Eagle Grace Mercado puts up 2 of her 14 points in the B game.

Seth Richardson broke the Warhawks' dry spell two minutes into the fourth quarter. The Warhawks were able to score 10 points in the final six minutes but it was not quite enough to catch the Eagles. The Eagles won 38-14.

Klaire Kovatch led the Eagles scoring 10 points followed by Sariah Maughan, Emily Howard and Bethany Hoag who each added 8. Jordan Johnson and Trista Wendel each scored 2.

Aspen Conley led the Warhawks scoring 6 points followed by Rose Mercer with 4. Seth Richardson and Kyla Conley each added 2.

Eagles Head Coach Brett Haines said it was a different game than they are used to because all the players know each other. Warhawks Rose Mercer, Aspen Conley and Kyla Conley extended their season by joining the Eagles. Haines said Mercer and the Conley sisters add depth to the Eagle's team this year and he's glad to have them.


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