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By Andi Bourne

$100,000 Allocated for Library Improvements Discussed

Swan Valley Community Council


SWAN VALLEY – The Swan Valley Community Council (SVCC) discussed the $100,000 that will be used for updating the Swan Valley Community Library at their meeting Jan. 17. They assigned the Ad Hoc Committee to ask Director of Missoula County Library Honore Bray about transferring the $100,000 to the library board so they would have control of the money.

On Sept. 13, 2016 the Montana Department of Labor and Industry conducted a limited service safety and health consultation for the Swan Valley Community Hall and Library that was requested by Shelly Block, Risk Management Coordinator for Missoula County Risk and Benefits. The result is a report that includes a list of hazard descriptions and correction recommendations to be addressed by the library and the community hall.

The Swan Valley Library Board of Trustees has been working with Bray to resolve issues related to the library. According to SVCC Chair Ken Donovan, Bray has been setting aside $10,000 per year for these improvements. While updates to the community hall are required, the $100,000 will be applied only to the library.

Swan Valley Library Board member Dennis Hawver said Bray budgeted $100,000 to make required corrections including permanent electrical wiring systems, outlet receptacles, service boxes and light fixture improvements as well as other improvements including heating, roof repairs and furnishings.

Updating the bathrooms to meet ADA approval is not required according to a letter from Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss. She wrote the Community Hall and the Swan Valley Library are grandfathered in. Donovan said another suggestion was to bring broadband to the library.

“It is entirely up to Honore how the money is spent,” said Hawver. “We are encouraging her to help us bring more people to the library because we don’t get that many people through there. We want people to utilize it.”

Swan Valley Community Library is incorporated under the state of Montana.

Council member Marcia Tapp doesn’t feel like the Swan Valley is getting their fair share of the $30 million bond and the taxes residents are paying.

“[While $100,000 is a lot of money] It’s like giving alms to the poor. I resent that,” said Tapp. “I think we need to follow up and make sure that whatever they say they are going to give us, they give us. I think it is very condescending on their part to say we are giving whatever our money will buy, but you should be glad that you got it. Well, I’m not glad. I want someone to follow up on that and make sure that we at least get our $100,000.”

Donovan suggested that the Ad Hoc Committee ask Bray if she would transfer the money to the library board so they could keep track of it. The Ad Hoc committee agreed and will report back at the Feb. 21 SVCC meeting.


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