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By Ken Kronsperger
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

So Who Really Won the Election?


The Democratic Party claims the popular vote while the Republican Party claims the Electoral College. Both organizations appear to have missed the very poignant message sent by the electorate via this last Presidential election.

Hillary Clinton is symptomatic of a political party that seems to feel that we NEED to be looked after by a ruling class and she was entitled to that throne. The Republican Party on the other hand, felt they had the answer in the name of either Bush, Romney, Kasich, Graham or possibly Christie. The thought of a nonpolitically indoctrinated character named Trump was obviously a joke. The RNC and the DNC were in agreement that the REAL politicians need not waste their time with this interloper as they were the elite and would continue ruling this nation the way they have always done.

I agree with those of you that say that Trump is not really a Republican. The Democrats most certainly would not claim him as a favorite son. Political correctness is obviously not high on his list of character strengths. Why then did he win the 2016 Presidential election? HE WON BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS only listened to OTHER REPUBLICAN politicians and DEMOCRATS only listen to other DEMOCRAT politicians.

Our politicians are supposed to perform in a structured organization called a government OF and FOR the people. They may belong to the Republican or Democrat parties BUT they are supposed to work for us and answer to us not to a party. Chinese, Russian and North Korean politicians answer to their party but ours must not.

This last election demonstrates that fact clearly and to ignore that message will be at the politicians’ peril regardless of party affiliation or gender.


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