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Support Longterm Wastewater Solution and Protect Our Community


SEELEY LAKE - Sewer hook-up is a hot-button issue in Seeley Lake. It costs money—particularly when laying down pipes. People are fearful of the added homebuilding a sewer might bring. However, the facts demonstrate that sewer remains the best choice for protecting Seeley Lake’s clean, safe and irreplaceable waters.

Growth and development have been stifled in our community. Financial prosperity, jobs and opportunities for our residents, children and grandchildren have been limited. All these things could improve and provide all of us a better quality of life with the addition of a sewer system.

Seeley has received an $8 million grant from the Rural Development of U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is the largest grant ever offered to a small district in Montana. In the upcoming sewer election, members of the sewer district will be asked to support bonds to fund the remaining $4.5 million to complete the project. If this bond project is not passed, the $8 million grant will be lost.

The following components are included for individuals who agree to sewer hook up:

• Initial hookup to the system is free of charge if accepted at the beginning of the project.

• In situations of financial hardship, efforts will be made to assist the individual.

Please support this long-term solution of managing our wastewater and protecting our beautiful lake and community.


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