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By Sariah Maughan
Seeley Lake Elementary, Grade 7 

SLE C Team Creams Drummond


Sariah Maughan

SEELEY LAKE - In October Seeley Lake Elementary's (SLE) volleyball C team played Drummond.

In the first match Drummond served first, and by the end the score was 25 (SLE) to 17 (Drummond).

The second match Dani Sexton served and SLE won 25 to 14.

In the third match the score by the end of the game was 15 to 7 -- we won!

Sariah Maughan

SLE has amazing servers on the C team. The servers hit the ball over the net so the teams are able to play the ball. If you can't make a serve over, then the other team gets a point and you don't want the other team to have more points than you.

Hattie Batchelder had four serves, Madison Debernardi had five serves, Kyla Conley had six serves, Dani Sexton had six serves, Grace Mercado had 10 serves and Emily Maughan had 14 serves. The C team was amazing in the three games they played.

The coaches of the volleyball team are Angela Harris and Jama Mauldin. Angela commented about the C team, "With the limited number of games, the C team was able to demonstrate good skills and teamwork on the court this season."    


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