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By Andi and Nathan Bourne

Response to John Devins

Editor's Note


Thank you John Devins for your comments and critique of our letters policy.

We have not set a word limit on letters. However, we recommend letters be kept to less than 500 words. We attempt to work with those who submit longer letters to make them as concise as possible.

In regards to why we allowed Bruce Friede’s letter to be printed, we will not limit someone’s ability to call out an elected representative for why they feel the community was misrepresented. We are aware of the tremendous amount of time and dedication those who serve on local boards put in as volunteers. However that doesn’t release them from public scrutiny.

While it may feel like it, calling out someone’s ideas and actions is not necessarily a personal attack.

It is our hope that letters to the editor start conversations that end up being constructive for our community, not divisive. However, we will not limit controversial letters for the sake of avoiding conflict.


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